A Brief Review of Last Night (Reading)

Posted: January 14, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Post Game
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I’m going to keep this specifically short. I recently wrote about the lessons to be taken from arsenal’s mediocre season, which ended with a champions league spot. When I say recently it was actually a week ago. While we no longer have a cup run to look forward to, the core of the message won’t be changing after one week and one game.

However, I am not happy that we lost last night, to a team which should have been beatable by any of Liverpool’s starting eleven. Yes they upped their game and yes they played very well in both games – but they should not have woken up this morning victorious. Luck played its part again and our players looked very nervy at times. I’m not sure what the first half was all about. But our stuttering form was there for all to see – missed passes, frustrated players and dithering on the ball for 5 minutes followed by good slick play for the next 5. I feared the worst when we lost Torres and Gerrard. In fairness though I think our best and most consistent 30 minutes of the game followed the whistle for the second 45. I believe we tried to kill the game off in the second half. Which is a delicate balancing act in itself when you consider our confidence. But our forward line at this point consisted of Babel and N’gog, two players who have only played bit parts to date with Babel coming back from injury. It just didn’t seem to click together in the final third.

It would seem that this snowballing effect of bad luck, injuries and lack of confidence continues to knock on-to each game. No doubt after conceding another last-minute goal we’ll be even more nervy at the end of the next game. It’s a vicious cycle that only a good run of results will fix. I guess though after a run as torrid as this, when confidence is so low, it’s like trying to turn a tanker in the North Sea. You have to take it all a step at a time. I know there is impatience and that impatience rises with every game we lose but I, for one, continue to believe. I reiterate that we are here to support, we are here to get behind the club and boy do they need our support.

We came into this season together and we should end this season together. Liverpool Football Club as one entity – Manager, Team and Fans.

  1. TJ says:

    Totally agree, very nice piece of writting… That’s why our anthem is YNWA…

  2. RobboHuyton says:

    A big part of the defeat was down to Rafa being stubborn for me. He is blindly sticking with two off-form players in Insua and Kuyt. Teams are playing on Insua time after time – his confidence is shot. And where did the winner come from? A cross from Insua’s side. He needs to be dropped.

    Kuyt similar. He slows momentum and seems scared to try and beat a man. Meanwhile, Pacheco sits on the bench.

    Hard to defend those decisions for me.

    • mcdonaldtaf says:

      You know my feelings on this one mate. I’d love to see things ‘shaken up’ a bit and Aurelio would be in my starting XI. But I just don’t think that’s Benitez’s way.

      Pacheco – Agreed, he needs to be given a chance and last night was probably a good opportunity.

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