I need 100 Liverpool Fans

Posted: January 25, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance
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As some of you may know I am a third year student studying for my MSc (Masters Degree) in Management. My third and final year requires me to write my dissertation. I have chosen to study and write about the ownership of our football club.

I’m sure you are already aware of the many ‘rumblings’ about our owners. It is fair to say that fans generally tend to fall into being pro, neutral or anti our current owners. While my dissertation will deal with sporting companies in general it will focus heavily on Liverpool Football Club. I therefore plan to provide a copy of my research, findings and full dissertation to the club. So I guess this is an opportunity to ‘have your say’.

I need to ensure that only Liverpool fans complete the research survey so I have had to take some additional steps. Initially I would like you to email me (jonny_miller_bear@hotmail.com) with your name, age, city/country, number of years you have supported the club and (if available) your twitter username. I will then, within 48 hours, mail you back with a password and link to complete the survey. Alternatively you can leave a comment below and I should pick up your email address from that.

Following completion of the survey I will (if you haven’t objected during the poll) contact a small number of respondents with some additional questions. Once I have collated all of my data I hope to have several telephone or email interviews with experts in the field of football business and Liverpool Football Club. David Conn (an author and writer for the Guardian) has already agreed and I hope to get a few more on board.

If you would like an emailed copy of the final report please indicate so on your initial email. It should be available from May 2010. I will also keep you up to speed through my blog on any developments from the club, should there be any.

  1. Basilmcneck says:

    Superb stuff, count me in!!

  2. Jane says:

    I am 40yrs old, have supported Liverpool all my life, live in Minnesota,US, and on Twitter I am @Jhotvedt2

  3. Frank Rogers says:

    Started going to games regulalrly in 1967, on the Kop for many years before retiring to the Main Stand! 56 years old, born and brought up in Liverpool, now living on Wirral. Twitter – ThinkSucceed

  4. Raymond says:

    Hi…my name is Ray, I have been supporting the Reds since 1977. Was there through the good times and not so good times. Will continue to support them. You may contact me if you wish. My twitter name is MightyRay

  5. ervan25 says:

    How abut if the respondent frm Asia? Would you respond it? Thanks

  6. Count me in, I am 33 years old,supporting Liverpool since I was a teenager (at that time it was only one tv channel in my country – government pathetic channel – watching The Reds with my dad), I live in Indonesia, on twitter my ID @harynovianto

  7. Chris says:

    I sopport LFC, born in Liverpool but now in Cayman Islands,43 years old and started supporting LFC since 1974,followed the team all over. Twitter account is caymanredman

  8. Yoon-ho says:

    Hi, I’m one of Korean KOPs.

    my name is Yoonho, and I’m live in Korea (REP)

    I’m supporting Reds from 1998.

    My twitter is @qlrwkd.

    nice to see you.

    here, in korea, there is about 30~50thousand reds fans.

    and, I’m a member of one of biggest liverpool suporting web site in korea.

    i’m very sorry that my english is very poor.

  9. Sam Wanjere says:

    Sam here, all of 34. I Tweet as @Sam_Wanjere. I live in Nairobi, Kenya and have supported LFC since I was about five (29 years), which goes back to 1980.

  10. Alex Cozza says:

    I am 15 years old i have supported Liverpool FC all my life Fernando Torres is the best striker in the premier league by far and now with the arrival of maxi rodriguez. stevie g (the god) has some back up in midfield.

    My Twitter Account Name is: AADAMAN

  11. abi says:

    Hey mate,
    From Malaysia! Support liverpool since i was 10, good 20 years now! I would be glad to help 🙂 twit at @abinesh


  12. Brandon O'Shea says:

    My name is Brandon , I am 17 years old, I’ve been a supporter for 4.5 years now and I live in Calgary Alberta (Canada) my twitter name is Brandon_O’Shea.

    I have a spot writting on a blog, http://www.empireofthekop.com , run by Antonie Zammit, probably the most fanatical supporter I’ve had the pleasure to contact with!

    Glad to help your study and way I can!

  13. Keith Davies says:

    Count me in aswell, happy to help

    Twitter name – kailuca
    Age 42
    City – Liverpool
    Supported Liverpool for 42 years
    First game 1974 aged 6 v QPR

  14. Ian says:

    Hi Taf I’d be happy to complete the survey. I’ve been a Liverpool born & based Red for all of my almost 50 years…@Ian_LFC

  15. lfz2004 says:

    Hi My name is Darryl and i have followed Liverpool FC for over 30yrs through all the bootroom changes and many players brought through the ranks but the day david moores sold out to the yanks was the worst day of my liverpool supporting days, we need to get back to basics and get new owners that CARE for this great club and will support the current manger in the good job he is doing..


  16. eric says:

    Twitter: ericschauwecker
    Age: 22
    City: Atlanta, GA, USA
    Supporter since I first watched Stevie G during 05 Champions League qualifying

  17. Chris says:

    Hi my name is chris, a liverpool supporter for twenty years in Belfast, northern Ireland. I’d love a copy of your report when finished. My Twitter is @mcafeechris

  18. Bryan says:

    great stuff! count me in if you need another person. cheers

  19. Bryan says:

    hmm…email doesn’t show on there – just in case – mbryanarndt@gmail.com

  20. Apangz says:

    Hi i’m also lfc fan….twitter: http://mobile.twitter.com/apangz

  21. Andy Bourne says:

    Alright there! My names Andy, I’m 40 years old and from Liverpool. I’ve supported the reds all my life. Any way I can contribute, I’d be happy to. Good luck with everything.

  22. Lee duggan says:

    Hi I’m 46 years old been supporting the reds for 38 years, be more than happy to help you out, live in London! Twitter name redlee6963

  23. Iceman (Brian) says:

    Supporter for 44 years, season ticket holder, guide to a group of blind/partially sighted supporters, survivor of both Hysel and Hillsborough Live near Liverpool go to every home game

  24. jonas says:

    my name is jonas källgren, 31 yrs, örebro/sweden, i’ve supported the club since the glory days of GLENN HYSÉN!

  25. salman says:

    Hi,i am salman from Malaysia.I’m 22 yrs old.Die-hard-fan of LFC.my twitter username: salman27.
    Looking forward to complete the survey!

  26. Pete says:


    Happy to help out and i’d love a copy of the final report. I’ve been a red all my life (30 years).

    City: Durham
    Twitter: @PeterHeslop

  27. salman says:

    oops..correction.twitter username: salman_27

  28. Martin says:

    Be glad to help out mate. Been a fan of the Reds for 30 years. Originally from Ireland now living in Oz.

  29. Anshuman says:

    Good stuff. You can count me in.

    Twitter: @anshumandimri

  30. Edwin says:

    Hi. Am Edwin Makenzi, from Nairobi, Kenya. Been supporting Liverpool since we got our 1st tv and was able to watch a few of the games that I could. That’s for about for 15yrs now. My twitter is emakenzi and I’d like a copy of your final report. Good luck.

  31. Andy says:

    count me in..twitter is @playgroundpilot

  32. Eddie Wilcocks says:

    Good luck.

  33. Sarut Jianrattanasawat says:

    Name – Sarut
    Age – 21
    City/Country – originally from Thailand but I’m living in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the US
    I have been LFC fan since I was 7, so 14 years. (Never yet been to the game) 😦
    Twitter name – @tmanspartacus

  34. Abhimanyu Jha says:

    Name –> Abhimanyu Jha
    Age –> 20
    Location –> Mumbai, India

    Twitter –> http://twitter.com/abhimanyu9

  35. Peter A says:

    I would be happy to help out with your dissertation.

    I am 39, from Nicosia, Cyprus and have been an LFC supporter for 32 years. I would like a copy of dissertation.

  36. Laurence Glover says:

    Hi mate. 37 year old supporter here from Victoria, BC, Canada.

    Would love to participate.

  37. derrick vijayan says:

    supporter for 10 of the 23 years i lived…
    am a management student (masters) can help you more

  38. Brian Audia says:

    Name: Brian Audia
    Age: 40
    City/Country: Atlanta, GA – USA
    Support: 10 Years
    Twitter: BrianAudia

  39. Robert Price says:

    I would happily assist if you need any more volunteers. I am a 40 year old man from Hartlepool, lifelong Liverpool fan (have you seen Hartlepool play) and I am educated to post-graduate level with a good deal of experience in research projects (mainly subjective research though I use a positivist framework even then).

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