Re-build or Re-develop Anfield – Poll Results

Posted: January 27, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business
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So it turns out that people really don’t like polls! Despite numerous tweets and re-tweets only 138 people took the opportunity to ‘have their say’.

This poll came about following this post which suggested a way forward for the club. Although the new stadium wasn’t the focus of the post it caused a lengthy twitter conversation about fans’ thoughts on whether we should build a new stadium or re-develop Anfield. As ever there are pros and cons for both.

A new stadium will not suffer from location restrictions in the same way as the current Anfield. That is to say that expansion will not be restricted by being located between rows of terraced houses. Although some have rightly pointed out that the transport infrastructure could be a more pertinent restriction. Other opportunities would also presumably arise following Anfield’s demolition, while other commercial opportunities may be realised from a larger building floor plan.

Meanwhile there is a certain ‘mystique’ about Anfield. Is this in itself a commercial opportunity? Anfield pulls at the heart strings; in the same way leaving the family home, after many years, does. Then there are the costs. It could well be argued that redeveloping Anfield would be a cheaper option – but would a cheaper option lead to reduced revenues in the future?

Lots of questions and lots to weigh up. In fairness this could all be academic as plans seem quite advanced for a new stadium, even if the infamous spade is not in the ground yet!

So the results:

28% – Build a new one – but only because I believe we’ll be best served with a new ground, I’ll miss Anfield

27% – Redevelop Anfield – as long as future capacity can reach 75,000 – otherwise build a new one

14% – Redevelop Anfield – as long as future capacity can reach 60,000 – otherwise build a new one

11% – Build a new one – subject to being sympathetic to Liverpool tradition

10% – Redevelop Anfield – as long as future capacity can reach 90,000 – otherwise build a new one

09% – Redevelop Anfield – No matter what, I don’t want to leave

02% – Build a new one – I want that shiny new stadium

While the top response may well be to build a new stadium at 28%, the total wishing for a new stadium is less than half of the respondents at 41%.  Meanwhile half of the respondents want Anfield redeveloped subject to the future capacity reaching 75,000. I do not know how realistic this figure is, within the floor area available, but if 75,000 is achievable (and this poll is representative) it would appear that it’s 50/50.


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