Spirit of Shankly Pressure Increases

Posted: February 28, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance
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New billboards aimed at the upper echelons of Anfield can now be seen within the Liverpool area. The billboards which pronounce “Tom & George: Debt Lies Cowboys Not Welcome Here” are simplistic, presumably by design, and have the desired impact. Indeed as someone who has been hesitant about Spirit of Shankly and the negative affects of our American owners I actually find them to be effective in the cause.

There appears to have been a significant drive from Spirit of Shankly to increase membership numbers and tweeting evidence would suggest they are. That’s not to say they’ve won over all comers. Fans I speak to still refer to the infamous Munich chants. A reprehensible act which I think will leave them tarnished for some time to come. However, there is little the union can do to repair acts of the past. What they can do, as they are, is stay true to the cause and keep their noses clean from here on in.

The union to me has always held amazing potential and their community work not only continues but appears to be increasing. This is a side issue from their core objective of holding the clubs hierarchy, including/especially its owners, to account. I also sense a change in tactics and possibly more awareness of the political and PR games which must be played if they are to be successful in their quest to rid the club of Hicks and Gillett. If they can win over a large number of followers (convince the neutrals) they will gain the power needed to really bring about change.

While Spirit of Shankly continue to increase public awareness and support the club still has no investment, no new funding and hence no sign of any shovel. Fans wait with trepidation for a summer transfer window which will no doubt see inflated transfer fees (for a second consecutive season) as well as, without investment and possibly even with it, a manager hamstrung by the financial situation at the club. You can also add in a chief executive who has certainly made me question his abilities following the recent SoS meeting debacle. He can either be accused of spinning and being deceitful (worse than the owners), or, not managing a situation in a way that any Chief Executive would be expected to. One way or the other he has erred.

I genuinely believe that the Amercian duo appeared at Anfield with a plan. A plan which could have worked but required debt funding to keep the squad competitive while a new stadium was erected. A plan that would have seen Rafa with more options in the short and long term and seen us catch up with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal from a revenue and profit generation perspective. Debt funding though, through no fault of the owners, dried up and with it any chance of fulfilling the club’s potential (without new funds being injected).

The reasons for failure of the owners (and added support for SoS) from there are two-fold. They failed to inject any of their own wealth (subject to them having wealth) into the club to make up any shortfall. Having failed they have then refused to sell up for the best benefit of the club, unless an insatiable hunger for greed is fed. In January there was a clear need for additional support for Rafael Benitez, we were screaming out for a new striker, but no money… no players. Without any injection of cash from shareholders, new or existing, the fact of the matter is we will continue to prioritise interest repayments ahead of player transfers. We may not be going bust, as some would predict, but we’re not moving forward either.

I’ve always stated that we’re on a long term plan and on and off the pitch success have to go hand in hand. The danger being that the longer we drag our feet with raising capital the more our squad strength depletes. Players leaving and getting older are both facts of life and will inevitably lead to on the pitch success being pulled further and further from Rafa’s grasp.

I stand by my thoughts that the Americans never technically lied and therefore while it may be semantics perhaps their next billboard could read George & Tom: Debt and Deceit from Dallas DO THE RIGHT THING – hand us over to new hands for our future. You’re Not Welcome!

  1. roy bentham says:

    hiya mate
    i am the unions travel officer and i thank you for putting the story up on your site … if you need any specific questions answering then don’t hesitate to ask
    , i hope you can get onboard in our struggles mcdonald

    thanks for your time …. roy

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