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Posted: May 6, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC, Manager Talk

A fellow tweeter (@robbohuyton) pointed me in the direction of this last night on RAWK, which I think is a superb idea. Hopefully I won’t upset those RAWK-goers (again) by re-posting here or suggesting that all LFC bloggers do the same and tweet like mad. Let’s all show our support as indicated below, re-post to our own blogs and tweet and re-tweet to get the word out there with the hashtag #rafasupport1pm.

To re-iterate this is NOT my idea, I’m just getting on board!

The link to the RAWK post (for updates etc.) is


I posted a suggestion last night, and I’ve received numerous PM’s since from various posters, urging me to make a thread specifically for this idea. So here goes.

The idea is that we should all prepare our own individual statements which make it abundantly clear, that we (the fans) are 100% behind our manager, and that our support for him will remain totally resolute, regardless of what anyone in the printed or broadcast media say about him.

These statements don’t have to be too long. As long as the message is loud and clear then a few lines or a paragraph should be sufficient. My idea is for us all to e-mail these statements to numerous addresses at precisely 1 o’clock on Friday afternoon. If we can get enough people on board to participate in this, then surely we can make someone in the broadcast or printed media take notice.

If Sky News, The BBC, Setanta, Radio 5, The Times, The Liverpool Echo, Tony Barrett, Guillem Ballague, Christian Purslow, et al (all suggestions are welcome here) were all to receive thousands of e-mails in their inboxes within the space of a few seconds, then surely someone somewhere would have to notice that there is a collective show of solidarity among us, and that we want Rafa to stay.

I suggest that all of our e-mails contain the same subject, header, and footer. For example, something along the lines of this:

Subject: I want Rafa Benitez to stay

Header: Hello my name is (insert name here) and I am a life long supporter of Liverpool Football club.

Then insert your own statement that you wrote in your own words. Remember to make it absolutely clear, that we do not wish for Rafa to leave Liverpool

Footer: I trust you will also be hearing from my fellow supporters. Yours sincerely (insert name)

I’m open to tweaking the subject title, as well as the header and footer. If anyone has any suggestions then don’t hesitate to put them forth. But the important thing is, whatever we decide on, we should all use the same headers and footers to show that we are all together on backing our boss.

I also think that having the same subject title would also strike a chord. Imagine thousands of e-mails descending down your inbox, all with different names and addresses, but with the same subject. It would certainly make me sit up and notice if I was a journo or presenter. It would really show that we are united in this.

He came and carried us in our time of need in 2004, and gave us some of the greatest nights in LFC history. The time has come for us to repay the favour, and do whatever we can to carry him in his hour of need.

I’m going to go trawling the web for as many email addresses as I can find. I’ll post them in here as I go. Once we have a collection of these addresses, (the more the better) then we can copy and paste them into the “send to” pane of our emails. Then at 1pm on Friday we all click send together. We send our message together, and we show everyone and anyone willing to listen, that Rafa has our full support.

I hope you are all willing to get on board with this. It’s well worth the effort if you ask me. Bill Hick Appreciation society recently set up a facebook page demonstrating our support for Rafa, hopefully that might be a way to get even more people to take part in this. I’m also going to send a message to the administrator of the SOS facebook page to ask if they would be willing to post a link to this thread.






Guillem Balague:

Tony Barrett:

Bill Bradshaw:

James Lawton:

Matt Lawton:

Martin Samuel:

Ashley gray:

Oliver Kay:

Sam Wallace:

Dominic Fifield:

Martin Lipton:

Henry Winter:

Kevin McCarra;

Hugh McIlvanney:

Lee Watson:

Newspapers (Aldo does a sunday column for this lot)


  1. Matthew Yeomans says:

    Email ready, i will be sending at 1pm


  2. Chris Lawley says:

    Email drafted ready to send at 1pm Friday. Let the bombardment begin. YNWA

  3. mcdonaldtaf says:

    Hey guys, rather than me update the e-mail addresses here, if you visit the RAWK link they are all there. They also on the comments provide all of the email addresses in a format which can be copied and pasted.

  4. Andy says:

    Barry Glendenning mentioned the email campaign on The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast, although he wasn’t very complimentary.

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