Kanwar is back!

Posted: May 21, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance, Liverpool FC
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So again, I was wrong. I wouldn’t say I have ever defended Jamie Kanwar but I have often commented that he has his views, as strong as they are, and is entitled to them. I had also never experienced him – deleting comments which simply pointed out he was wrong (without derogatory comments), had comments pointing out he was wrong (with evidence) ignored, or after posting (as a guest) been blocked from adding any other comments… I have now!

Jaimie’s recent rants include his evidence about how the club is in a perfectly healthy financial state. He tells us AS A FACT that the loans taken out by Hicks and Gillett are not secured against the club, but instead against the owners personally. So there is nothing to worry about is there? Urm… well he’s wrong! In fact Jaimie is often wrong about a lot of things to do with the business side of the club. Usually because he’s filling gaps in with guesswork or what could be deemed as common sense. However, many businesses have ways of working which defy common sense. Football clubs seem to have treble the amount of a normal business! The mortgage deeds (abbreviated) are available from Companies House for Kop Holdings and they quite clearly show that the football club is used as security against the loans. I posted this and, to date, have had no response to this serious error. Why is it a serious error? Well people are posting comments thanking him for telling them the ‘clear and true’ picture. The blind lead the blind as they say.

His latest piece is very ‘passive aggressive’. He’s just putting the information ‘out there’ that Rafa has had £15m every year to spend, leaving you to make up your own mind. How did he arrive at £15m a year? Well he’s taken the accounts for the last few years and used them to extrapolate the player additions and disposals. But here’s the twist, the thing I can’t comment on there, so I’ll post here. He’s then added in the transfer additions of Aquilani and Kyrgiakos, so Rafa’s total spend is £285.6m with disposals of £194.8m, net spend £90.8m (or £15.1m a year). Sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Well, no! He’s actually used figures from different websites to get the values for both these players, whereas they are quite clearly contained in the accounts as ‘Post balance sheet events’. His figure though is pretty much spot on… hang on… what other post balance sheet events are there?

“In addition, the Company has sold Alonso, Dossena and Voronin for total guaranteed fees of £29.7million. These sales will result in a profit of £17.1 million”

Yes he’s added the additions but not the disposals. Net spend from above £90.8m minus £29.7m = £61.1m (or £10.2m a year). There’s a bit of a difference there, isn’t there?

Regular readers will know I have never sworn in a post, if you are of a sensitive nature stop here…

The danger in the number of people who may believe the absolute shit Jaimie is spouting scares me. It is this type of ‘slight of hand’ or ‘smoke and mirrors’ that I really fucking detest. Our finances are not rosy and yes there are real dangers to our club if the owners find themselves unable to keep up with their commitments. Rafa has not spent £90m in the last six years it’s closer to £60m.

If I’m wrong about any of the above add a comment below, I won’t delete them and you won’t get blocked (unless you’re offensive). If you’re right and I’m wrong I’ll put my hands up and say ‘shit didn’t think of that’. I’ve done it in the past and I’ll do it again, if I’m wrong I’ll admit it. Unlike some other fucking idiots I could mention.

Finally if you’ve arrived here and are a regular believer in the house of liverpool-kop.com, I’ll leave you with some thoughts direct from Jaimie. He’s recently taken to adding the following to some of his posts. Say it with me now…



Update 13:08 May 21st – Jaimie has now used the post balance sheet events noted above, which should have been used to correct his previous entries, and posted a new ‘Exclusive’ about how Alonso’s fee was less than the £30m reported. He has not, to date (and I doubt he will), corrected his earlier posts and remains adamant Rafa has had £15m per annum. He finishes his new post with “People can stick their heads in the sand and come up with all sorts of excuses, but these are the facts.” At least this time they do appear to be facts without holes filled with guesswork!

  1. Michael Heaton says:

    Hang on he’s back? Does that mean Rafa’s gone? I seem to quite clearly remember him stating that he wouldn’t start writing again until Rafa was gone. Maybe he knows something we don’t know again. Or maybe it’s the more logical solution. He’s talking rubbish as usual.

    This was a good read and in all honesty, something I kind of knew already, but I know there are a lot out there who haven’t followed up on the information and could find themselves easily being lead away by Kanwar’s statements.

    I’ve only known him to be rude and inconsiderate when you clearly take apart his argument and he refuses to listen and continues to post rather derogatory things about a group of people.

  2. Max says:

    He gets off on feedback like this, best to just ignore him.

  3. keith says:

    some choice quotes from his twitter:

    “Well said, Tom Hicks, Jnr – Agree with you 100%. Spirit of Shankly is a group of tedious, ignorant “F**kfaces”.”

    “FACT: Without the global fanbase, LFC would wither and die. Without the Liverpool-based superfans, the club would EASILY survive.”

    “Many Liverpool-based fans are top-notch; it’s just the idiot superfans (i.e. those who spawned groups like SOS) that are the problem.”

    he has some serious problems! ha

  4. Peter A says:

    Not to everyone’s taste because of his bitter vile and his constant threatening to ban people from his site. He uses S*n-style sensationalism in the title of his work to attract readers but when his failings are pointed out he refuses to engage in debate and deletes well argued posts.

    I don’t know what his angle is as he claims to be an LFC supporter but spends all the time acting like a Manc.

    And yes, his work is intentionally mis-leading.

    I’ve no time for him or his site.

  5. Souey's Tache says:

    God, you lot are bunch of childish twats!

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