Mr. Right is never Wrong… is he?

Posted: May 23, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance
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It looks like I rattled the mad hatter. My @twitterfeed has never been so full of rubbish. I keep being told that I’m wrong and Mr. Kanwar is right. Therefore from here on in Jaimie Kanwar shall be referred to as Mr. Right and I will be Mr. Wrong. Now I’m pretty sure you guys are going to get bored very quickly if every post on here is about liverpool-kop. So this will be the last one (for at least a while). But I remain rather perturbed at the fact that instead of saying ‘do you know what Taf I’m wrong, hands up’ he continues to argue. So from his most recent posts…

Mr Right says: (about the level of LFC’s debts – trying to prove someone else wrong) Not £473m. Not £351, £226m. That is the ACTUAL level of debt on LIVERPOOL FC.

Mr Wrong says: If you look at the company’s creditors, the amounts falling due within one year are £226,506,000. Mr Right has rounded down for some reason. He has also completely forgotten to include the amounts falling due after one year,  which add another £30m onto the total debts. Do these debts not count? I expect I’ll be told that it’s only £30m out!

Mr Right says: This post is a prime example of everything that is wrong with fan thinking re the debt. It is so riddled with false information it’s unbelievable!  Furthermore, figures have been taken from the accounts and added up incorrectly.

Mr Wrong says: I was going to agree with this but then realised Mr Right wasn’t talking about his own post!

Mr Wrong has just been to Mr Right’s site to get the other assertions made by Mr Right, but has found some heavy editing of posts and deletion of all Mr Wrong’s comments and some of his own. However, Mr. Wrong will fight on…

Mr Right says: Nonsense. I was right about debt not being secured on LFC.

Mr Wrong says: The mortgage paperwork filed with Companies House states “the company has charged and agreed to charge by way of first legal mortgage … (b) all Group Shares belonging to it on the date of the Security Agreement.” Yes I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Kop Holdings holds all the shares of Liverpool Football Club. The club is 100% most definitely used as security by Kop Holdings. Despite the fact that I have been going on about this matter (with evidence) for the last 48 hours Mr Right was still arguing he was right this morning!

Mr Right says: Rafa’s net spend is c.£90m

Mr Wrong, Rafael Benitez, Liverpool Football Club’s accounts, Guillem Balague, Paul Tomkins and god knows how many others say: Rafa’s net spend is c.£60m, maybe we’re all wrong?

Listen. I know Mr Right (and his merry band of followers) are in the minority, but this inability to admit when he’s wrong and mis-leading other people has really annoyed me. He puts himself forward as some sort of expert and yet his arguments are so full of holes and his facts so non-factual (as shown above) I’m not sure how he gets people agreeing with him. He goes on and on about those who are agenda driven, set in their ways or subject to groupthink. Jaimie doesn’t suffer from groupthink… he suffers for jaimiethink.

  1. fowlersgod says:

    He is still the same argumentative and ill informed man since his days at Sportingo when he produced an article every day. A wannabe Fleet Street journo is all he wants to be being honest.

    Clouding supporters minds with facts which are not correct whatsoever.

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