Excited? Not Yet!

Posted: October 25, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC, Manager Talk, Post Game, Uncategorized
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There is a fine balancing act in not wanting to be a naysayer fan while trying to maintain a realistic point of view.  I’m all for waking up on Monday morning with 3 more points on the table, but immediately I wonder if this a brief fling with happiness. That in itself speaks volumes.

On the positive side of things it wasn’t just a good result, but a far improved performance as well. The twittersphere was awash with rumours of fans having emergency meetings and/or Dalglish getting more involved. Maybe there is some substance to the rumours or maybe Roy has actually decided a change is needed. To some degree it’s irrelevant. The real question is whether or not the new approach is here to stay. If it is, then perhaps this season won’t turn into a complete waste. In my mind I had written off the season already, however when you look at the league a few good results would catapult us up the table.

But before we go getting too excited there are a few things to consider:

Blackburn were poor, they also arrived at Anfield with last year’s game plan. A packed midfield to frustrate rather than any attacking intent. This may have been down to losing key players, but it backfired as we pummelled their goal. In fairness to us the scoreline flattered them, thanks to the heroics of Robinson. There was a nervy last ten minutes but, given our recent performances, that’s to be expected. What we don’t know is how we would have coped had Blackburn arrived with some attacking game-play.

One good performance shouldn’t really wipe our minds of how we’ve struggled against lesser opposition so far. Yes the tactics and approach worked for this game, but can Roy continually adapt and respond to other challenges? He also managed to perform better in the press conference, although they’re always going to be easier when we win. Roy has struggled with simple questions when we’ve lost, this area of his management he must improve – win, lose or draw.

More challenging obstacles are on the way in November. Away games against the potential banana skins of Stoke and Wigan are sandwiched between Chelsea (home) and Tottenham (away). The only respite should be at home to West Ham United, the only team to play who are below us! These next few games are critical to how this season actually turns out. We can either push ourselves up the league or potentially see ourselves cut adrift.

Yesterday should be cause for some optimism. However, something continues to nag at me. Something which tells me not to get too excited. I get the sense I am not alone. One thing is undeniable though. The performance yesterday, more so than the result, has granted Roy a short reprieve. It is entirely up to him whether he takes advantage of it.


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