To Lie or Not to Lie

Posted: December 3, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC, Manager Talk
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What a difference a year makes. In the run up to last Christmas I was regularly blogging in support of our manager. Those who have been following me that long will recall my continuing support. This year, in the run up to Christmas, I do not have the desire (indeed find it impossible) to provide the same courtesy to Roy Hodgson.

Some will no doubt start talking about double standards, or how I should support the manager no matter what. To do so though would, I believe, be me trying to sell you a lie.

I never believed that Roy Hodgson was the right appointment and wrote about it for Well Red magazine at the time. However, I never expected things to go as badly as they, at times, have. But despite this shouldn’t I have put my reservations to one side and should I not be offering the manager my support, when I did so, so vehemently for Benitez? No, and here’s why…

Track record

Benitez arrived at the club with a track record of success. Breaking up the duopoloy of Barcelona and Real Madrid was a success in itself, but two La Liga titles spoke for themselves. That success and what followed at Liverpool determined that patience should be afforded to Benitez.

Hodgson arrived at the club with limited success with smaller clubs but, what should be considered, failures at larger clubs. This in itself should have spoke volumes to the board who appointed him.

Modern tactics for the modern game

Roy’s biggest failing to date has been in trying to rewind the club back to days of old. His tactics may be effective for smaller clubs, where you need to shut out the opposition, but they look like a pair of muddy wellies on a swimsuit model at our club.

Even when Rafa’s Liverpool was losing you could see what he was trying to achieve. I must confess that near the end of his tenure I thought the tactics needed freshening up, but maybe in hindsight that was actually some of the players. Especially when you consider the top clubs at the World Cup and in the Premiership this season employed similar tactics.

Performance over results

I would have taken this seasons results had I seen more impressive performances. But it is most certainly the performances which have led me to believe that Roy should go. They have been dire and very, very predictable.

There will always be arguments over team selection but some of Roy’s decisions have been, well weird. Even before Daniel Agger, probably our most progressive centre back, was injured he couldn’t get picked. Roy preferring the solidity of Skrtel or The Greek, which suited his ‘hoofball’ approach better.

The difference in goals

I quite often use the goal difference as a barometer of how the season will end. Our current goal difference is -2. The last time we headed into December in the Premier League with a minus goal difference? Never. In fact never in my lifetime (34 years) have we headed into December with a negative goal difference.

When you consider that no other manager in the past 34 years has done worse in any of their seasons, including their first ‘adjustment’ season, it speaks volumes.

Roy is a likable journeyman who won’t struggle for work. He is not however the right manager for a club of Liverpool’s stature. For me personally, I can’t bring myself to write words of support that I don’t believe in.

  1. Sam Wanjere says:

    Touche. Very well put and my own words exactly.

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