Disconnected, The True Cost of Roy Hodgson

Posted: December 24, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC, Manager Talk

Disconnected. That’s how I feel. Disconnected from our club.

Even during the Hicks and Gillett era I didn’t feel disconnected. Frustrated and angry a lot of the time. But the fight against the pillaging and looting duo brought unity among large sections of the fan base, I felt I was part of something special. Maybe I’m being melodramatic, I know I am still part of something special; but maybe just a little more distant than usual.

I, like many others, pledged my support to Roy in the early days. Not that I believed he was the right man for Liverpool FC, but any manager of our club deserves support. So I put up with the early dour performances and some of the shocking results. I simply cringed, but remained quiet, at some of his press conferences. But then something has changed. As Roy jumped from telling us our squad was too big, no wait… too small; or that the squad didn’t have enough quality to plenty of it, but the players were at fault. I realised something – I feel disconnected.

Could it just be me? Well I went off and searched for reasons to be positive. Some statistics show that things are improving. We are pushing higher up the pitch, we’re creating chances and Results have been improving. None of these statistics make me want to go watch a game though. I’ve even given up the saunter down the pub in preference to just watching the game at home. That could have been down to watching the Newcastle game in a pub full of Geordies, mind.

Maybe the increasing apathy is just my way of dealing with my anger. When I read a headline about how Hodgson will do this, or believes in the other I do sometimes question who the hell he thinks he is. It doesn’t feel like he’s part of the club. He’s your brother who’s only two years older than you, but less mature, yet in charge while the folks are away. Or even worse, the step Dad who’s closer to your Mum than he should be.

I’m ambivalent about Rafa returning, but I really  don’t see it happening. While the fan base seems split 50/50.  The pressure will be intense for him if he returns, but will also be noticeable for any new manager – as I’m pretty sure that comparisons will be made with Benitez rather than Hodgson.  It speaks volumes though that while 50% of fans would welcome Rafa back, polls everywhere show that (at a maximum) only 5% want Hodgson. That is some result for a Liverpool manager so early in his tenure. But he never belonged, did he?

Hodgson was never the right appointment. People supported him out of a sense of duty to the club. A sense of duty which has worn very quickly. Over 95% of fans on a Tomkins Times poll don’t see hope in the way we approach games or the way we play. Is that the cost of Roy Hodgson, hope? If so then, while I have suggested NESV take their time with any appointment, perhaps they may need to take account of the true cost.

I don’t like posts like this. I feel like I’m lacking loyalty or being unfair. I genuinely believe that NESV should be given time to make the right appointment. Hodgson was not their appointment and I’d hate for them to bring in the wrong manager. It’s a crucial decision, which needs to be carefully considered. None of this stops me feeling this way though.


  1. Budared says:

    Angry that our performances are painful to watch.
    Understanding that the next appointment has to be the right one and may take time.
    Sorry that a man did seem ok as a bloke has made a dreadful mistake in his career and will ruin his reputation.
    Frustrated that we’re wasting another season.
    Depressed that rival clubs are having problems and we’re not in a position to take advanatage.
    Relieved that H&G are gone and there is hope of recovery.
    Conflicted and disconnected probably sums it up. Can I just watch Barcelona until next August?

  2. Sam Wanjere says:

    I must admit to have defended my club’s reputation to the hilt all through our title drought. It has largely been a thankless exercise enduring taunts from rival fans all around me. I hang in there, earning lots of respect for consistency and passion, but also wondering at the back of my mind where this club was headed.

    I loved Rafa, and do still, but it was admittedly painful watching us slog through the G & H disaster of an era.

    Where are we now under Rodge? He had my half-hearted support at the beginning. I saw him as solid, even resembling some in our Boot Room, with respectful comments and a reputation as something of an overachiever with his players – not titles, just making seemingly average players like Zamora over perform. All was good till that point.

    I didn’t envision our pressing Red machine struggling away, defending deep, showing little to no desire to win the ball, hoofing it throughout. lack of substitutions all through a game we’re chasing or losing, no bodies in the box to even remotely create scoring chances, etc. i didn’t imagine that to be part of any LFC future.

    I will give credit though to playing of more youngsters, but why the seeming sidelining of non-English players like Pacheco and Mavinga? Why the continued antagonizing of senior members of our XI like GJ?

    Hodgson is very costly for this club and I don’t see us progressing under him. He ought to leave now rather than later. It will prove far cheaper for Shankly’s Mighty Red Machine.

  3. Dave Reed says:

    Couldn’t agree more. My missus was gonna buy me tickets to Anfield for Christmas and I actually turned her down saying I can’t bear to watch us under Hodgson. Annoys me that this old fart is stopping me watching the team I love and instilling such negativity in me as a fan!

  4. Matt Allen says:

    There are still tickets available for the game against Wolves on the 29th. Says it all. No-one wants to watch the team.

    The football is disgusting, embarrassing and painful to watch. Negative and cowardly and that’s just at home.

    I despise that self-serving, loathsome, arrogant, snide and ludicrous man parading as our manager. He’s not our manager – never was. He’s not a Liverpool manager and never will be.

    Judge him after 10 games, he said. Now it’s after a season. It’s everybody else’s fault – Rafa’s – of course as it’s not his team. Now they aren’t even his players; Cole was signed by Purslow, according to Hodgson.

    Everybody is to blame except Hodgson. Well, I’m sorry, but I know – as do most Reds – what is wrong at Anfield, who is to blame and how we should rectify these problems. The solution is simple: Hodgson should be fired at once. The longer he stays the greater the damage and the closer Torres gets to Barca (that last bit is purely my own opinion). Great players don’t play for incompetent managers. Ask yourself the question: if you were Torres, would YOU tolerate Hodgson? Neither would I.

    Publicly criticising the players and the fans, failing to defend Torres against FILTH like Ferguson and telling us Newcastle is a difficult place to visit and get 3 points. This and my favourite – a famous Europa win in Turkey(!!) rambling, embarrassing comments in press conferences, getting called out by Rafa after talking rubbish about Dalglish… there’s more: negativity such as we shouldn’t expect to be back in the Champions League for a few years and of course: he didn’t care whether we were 17th or 18th in the league. funnily enough – I did!

    I could go on and on and so could anyone who reads this. The man disgusts me. Even looking at his face brings out a rage in me which results in language I’m too polite to post here.

    NESV are listening are they? I don’t think they are. If they were, we’d have a proper manager and not a bumbling embarrassment who is fiddling whilst Anfield burns.

  5. Jamie K says:

    Great post Taff.

  6. koped49 says:

    Why dont they let sammy or kenny take the lead role till the end of season.
    Wouldnt be any worse off, we may even play some attractive football.
    yes we want to be winning and getting results, but we would like to see the type of fotty which would entice supporters to the ground. it hard going to Anfield and watch us play so deep.
    listening to all hodgesons after match talk, the thing that did it for me was when he said we had played well agianst the blue noses, we lost 3-0 we were shite, i will still go down anfield to support the team but that is not to say i support podge he anit one of us.

  7. steko says:

    agree 100%

    his away record is not good enough to be a contender – for forth never mind winning it.

    his transfer dealings leave a lot to be desired and if i was advising NESV i wouldn’t let him anywhere near dealings in the market.

    ps: it makes me feel dirty criticising the manager of our club, but desperate times etc. . .

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