Look behind, look ahead

Posted: April 20, 2011 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC
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As the season approaches its conclusion. Maybe now is a good time for a little reflection, on what has been a season full of ups and downs. At this moment it looks increasingly likely that Manchester United will beat us to number 19. That in itself is enough for us to start reaching for a bottle. But when it’s coupled with a season which saw us become embroiled in a battle at the foot of the table – well, is one bottle enough?

We find ourselves facing the prospect of a season out of Europe. Although looking at Spurs run-in (they must face Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and us – with only Arsenal at White Hart Lane) it is perhaps a little premature to write off a Europa spot. But if we do fail, then from a financial and image perspective we may find it more difficult to compete in the transfer market, over the summer.

Yet there is a renewed optimism at the club, which is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Yes it’s mixed with a good dose of  mass apathy, but is the apathy just down to people already looking past the horizon of this season?It bodes well for the future when we’re already getting excited about next season, before this season concludes; despite still competing for a European spot.

There is plenty to be excited about too. Comparing how we entered this season with how we’ll enter the next one is quite literally a case of ‘chalk and cheese’. Unless there are any major surprises we’ll enter next season with:

– a manager at the helm who doesn’t even have to demand the support and respect of everyone involved at the club

– owners who have suitably impressed (to date) while calmly and quietly asserting their rightful position – in the background of the club

– a summer’s spending which will not see our squad weaken and from which we’ll actually see a ‘net spend’

These aren’t self-deluded fantasies about the future either. The genuine sense of optimism is palpable and spreading. It even spread to a commentator during the last game who stated that ‘surely we’ll see Liverpool challenging for the title again next season’. On our recent form there is no reason to doubt that we will, if the right decisions are taken over the summer.

Yes, Manchester United may well get to number 19 before us. But don’t doubt for one minute that we have every chance of getting to number 20 before them!

  1. Sam Wanjere says:

    Looking beyond this season to the next could be apathy, yes, but mixed with escapism too. Whether that is good or bad will be established in the coming days. I always opt for the positive as much as possible, seeing Kenny take us from 12th and four points above relegation, to the current sixth, which could easily be fifth and counting. Spurs’ run in is significant and we’ve already began worrying them with the four points won off City and Arsenal.

    I won’t much dwell on our next game against bogey team Birmingham. The chief worries are the potential loss of world class talent like Reina and a financial hit courtesy of non-European participation. Both are valid in my opinion.

    One never knows though with individuals as Reina and company might decide to go the Juventus route, where senior players like Buffon and Del Piero opted to stay in for the long haul. I never rule such a thing out.

    We are managerially stable, with no crippling liabilities at the moment, our stock rising with players continually linked (and reportedly interested) in coming to Anfield. I also look at what products our Academy has been churning and there is lots of room for hope.

    While focusing on a very attainable fifth position, ceteris paribus, I’m one of those who cannot wait for summer and subsequent rebuilding, and what I feel will be a glorious next season. While not quite as researched, my gut feeling is nothing but positive tingling.

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