About mcdonaldtaf

Who is this mcdonaldtaf idiot?

First of all let me dispel some myths:
  • I am not a writer for liverpool-kop.com, I have had two of my posts re-produced there a long time ago
  • I am not Jaimie Kanwar (thank god)
  • I am not an idiot because I trusted that Rafa was the right man to take us forwards
  • I don’t like country music

Ok, ok I do like country music. But the rest is true!

I am a 34 year old (currently unemployed) manager [ONLINE CV]. I have a strong management background going back 15 years in SME’s and among my skills I have strong I.T., finance, marketing and general management ‘expertise’ (loosely speaking).

In October 2009 I started blogging about Liverpool Football Club and the bug just got me. Now I write, in addition to this blog,  regularly for The Tomkins Times and Well Red Magazine.

I have a Masters degree (MSc.) in management, which is quite extraordinary given I left school with very little in the way of qualifications. However, I have been hard working and applied myself well. I have also benefited from working with exceptional Managing Directors throughout my career. All of them have shaped me into the manager I am today – and now I in turn (hopefully) teach the managers of tomorrow.

I (used to – and will again when I can afford a gym membership) weight train 3/4 times a week (although I’m not as strong or big as I would like), play squash and football once a week. I generally run every other day. I am a ‘chunky unit’ rather than a toned skinny geezer. I was at one stage 22 and half stone and looked like a cartoon character with a big round face. I lost 5 stone a few years ago though and now live in eternal fear that ‘bellys gonna get me’!

I have three kids (two I don’t live with) Kadon, Kai and Abbie Rose. Abbie Rose is the latest addition and as the girl she is being locked in her room till she is 35! I live with my girlfriend (or life partner as she insists on me saying) Sarah who has changed my life over the last couple of years and made me the happiest I have ever been. Finally settled down!

Urm I guess that’s it! Feel free to ask any other questions you have, although if you’ve read this far I would be surprised.

  1. El Rey says:


    Your post about SOS was spot on – Over at rawk we are creating a fan backed neutral campaign, and have created a twitter. Our aim is to educate our fans on the two owners and how much trouble our club is actually in.

    Follow us on twitter- retweet our address. The more followers we have the stronger this becomes.

    Liverpool FC is being bled dry – YOU can do something about it.

    Save Liverpool FC

    El Rey

  2. Julian says:

    Finally got it together to check out ‘Invincible bastion’ you’re now on my favourites bar along with TTT

    Hope the search for work is proving fruitful not frustrating



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