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Coming Soon… Blogging

Posted: July 5, 2011 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance, Site News
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New job, relocating, close season and only one contributor to this site means only one thing – no posts! Apologies for my lack of posts and tweets and everything else. Normal service will resume when the new season kicks off (or shortly before). I’m looking forward to getting settled and writing again if the truth be told.

So just one quick LFC snippet for you to think about. I read an excellent piece about LFC and UEFA financial fair play rules on The Tomkins Times by Dan Kennett. There is one thing that concerns me about the whole thing though. That is while other clubs may find a way to navigate the rules in one way or another we’ll use it as a reason/excuse for tightening the purse strings.  Given the importance of top 4 football and the financial strength of the opposition there could be worrying times ahead. UEFA’s new initiative may well ensure the financial viability of the top clubs in the league. Whether they will be robust enough to stop the steroid like financial injections into club’s balance sheets is yet to be seen.

I’ll keep pondering on it. No doubt, more soon!


During the past year I’ve researched, read about, analysed and written about football till my fingers went numb. The key message which keeps coming back is that fans are becoming increasingly restless with where the sport is going. This is manifesting itself in two ways. The first is a general rise in apathy among fan bases and the second is genuine dis-satisfaction. Both represent an increasing risk to the sport as we know it.

Indeed my research into our club uncovered that 4% of fans had stopped going to the game, or watching it on television. While another 14% had stopped buying merchandise. Now it should be noted that I conducted the research at the peak of the Hicks and Gillett saga, but even now I sense a continuing apathy from fans. It’s almost like the sport is turning them off (and I don’t think it’s all down to Roy Hodgson).


When is enough, enough?

Posted: December 2, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance, Liverpool FC
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I’m sure there are plenty of posts like the following scattered throughout the Internet. However, with news relatively quiet on the Liverpool front I thought I’d turn my attention to a broader issue. Once I’ve settled in fully at Bristol I will take the time to run some proper calculations on the following post, but in the meantime I think there is enough ‘meat on the bone’ for you to get the gist.


Let’s get realistic about things shall we?

  • The Premier League or FA aren’t going to save our club
  • Christian Purslow isn’t going to save our club
  • Martin Broughton certainly isn’t going to save our club (although he may take some ‘keepsakes’ with him when he returns to Chelsea)

I’ve been reading David Conn’s excellent ‘Searching for the Soul of Football’ and one thing becomes abundantly clear. Those in the ivory towers are very rarely a club’s saviour. Nine times out of ten it comes down to us, the fans. It truly is shocking when you read the book how many clubs have been ‘shafted’ by those who rode in to save the day. I strongly recommend that, if you haven’t, you get hold of a copy. It’s an education.


Kanwar is back!

Posted: May 21, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business, Finance, Liverpool FC
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So again, I was wrong. I wouldn’t say I have ever defended Jamie Kanwar but I have often commented that he has his views, as strong as they are, and is entitled to them. I had also never experienced him – deleting comments which simply pointed out he was wrong (without derogatory comments), had comments pointing out he was wrong (with evidence) ignored, or after posting (as a guest) been blocked from adding any other comments… I have now!


The Business of Football

Posted: February 16, 2010 by mcdonaldtaf in Business
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I’ve started reading Soccernomics and despite only being a third of the way through it I can recommend it to anyone who has an interest in football. I’m not yet fully ‘signed up’ to some of the theories presented; but it certainly opens your eyes to certain aspects of our much-loved sport. If you want to broaden your horizons it’s well worth the few quid.


I’m sure most LFC fans are aware of the quite ludicrous email sent to a fan from Tom Hicks Junior by now. I have been assured that the email is 100% genuine and there was no provocation by the message’s recipient. A message more befitting a forum contribution from an angry teenager, and not a director of our beloved club. A director who, we’re told, has served time as an analyst with a New York bank before becoming Vice President of Hicks Holdings and subsequently a director of Liverpool Football Club. So someone you would expect to have the sense to know right from wrong. Particularly in what are trying times for the owners and the club.