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Look behind, look ahead

Posted: April 20, 2011 by mcdonaldtaf in Liverpool FC
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As the season approaches its conclusion. Maybe now is a good time for a little reflection, on what has been a season full of ups and downs. At this moment it looks increasingly likely that Manchester United will beat us to number 19. That in itself is enough for us to start reaching for a bottle. But when it’s coupled with a season which saw us become embroiled in a battle at the foot of the table – well, is one bottle enough?



Well, as we head towards the end of a very turbulent 24 hours the question is – are we heading for closure? Closure on what has been a horrific tenure by the current custodians of our great club.  The last thing anyone should be doing, in our bid to bring closure though, is go crashing into another 3 years which might resemble anything like the last three. (more…)