Urm… Mr Right you’re Wrong

NOTE: I’ve started posting the most recent at the top of this ‘promotion’ 😉

This page will feature the ramblings of a certain alleged Liverpool Football Club fan (Mr. Right) who operates a site on the following basis:

  • If you have an opinion which disagrees with Mr. Right-  you’re wrong (generally because he never is).
  • If you comment on his site about him being wrong – you’ll be labelled ‘pro-Rafa brigade’, ‘not realistic’ or one of many other (usually) derogatory terms.
  • If you comment on his site about him being wrong with evidence – your comment will be deleted
  • If Mr. Right realises he’s wrong – your comment will be deleted and his article will magically be edited

While I will (try and) inject some light humour into this page it is not intended as a vehicle for just having a go at Mr. Right. It’s more about setting his perceptions or arguments which are factually incorrect right. If you know which site I’m on about feel free to direct some of his followers here.

I won’t be revealing which site or who I’m referring to. Most of you will already know, those who don’t – should live in blissful ignorance. Oh and in case you’ve never seen him, he looks like this…


Here’s something I’ve noticed about Mr. Right. He always disappears as his arguments fall apart or he loses support:

  • The fans get behind Rafa – Mr. Right decides he’s not going to post any longer until ‘the stale dictatorship of Benitez is brought to an end’
  • He backs H&G and their ownership – As the end draws near for H&G Mr. Right decides to ‘take a break’
  • He backs Roy Hodgson – Today is the 6th January, nothing posted since 13th December
Mr. Right just can’t stand to be wrong, so when he is… he hides

Mr. Right says: “BEAKING NEWS: ‘Empire of the Kop’ posts baseless ‘story’ about Dalglish + Purslow

Yes people, we have BEAKING NEWS from the bird world. Oh and as a side note Antoine of Empire of the Kop is probably one of the most respected LFC fans and website owners out there. As attested by his tens of thousands of followers. Whether this story is correct is yet to be seen but I’m pretty sure, of the fans I know, they would all say Antoine posted this in the best interests of the fan base and no malice whatsoever would be intended.

Antoine has also stated that the story did not come from RAWK, so two sources for the same information.

Finally… Mr. Right is a fine one to talk about baseless stories or inaccurate ones, as this page proves!

Mr. Right balls up rating: ********************************************


Mr. Right says: “As I illustrated in my article yesterday, Liverpool FC – i.e. Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Ltd (LFCAGL) has total debt of £226m”

Mr. Right has gone to the lengths of downloading and (badly) interpreting the club’s accounts. Unfortunately he managed to forget an additional c.£30m of debt which was in the long term creditors (payable after one year)

Mr. Right Balls Up Rating: *****


Mr. Right says: “I will post an article later containing documentary evidence that the mortgage [of Kop Football Holdings]  is not secured against LFCAGL [Liverpool Football Club]”

The article and the documentary evidence never appeared, although Mr. Right continues to assert the club isn’t used as security. The mortgage paperwork (downloadable from Companies House) clearly shows the shares of Liverpool Football Club are used as security. Our club is security against the owners’ debts.

Mr. Right Balls Up Rating: *****


Mr. Right amended a post at a later date where he, in his usual way, was trying to show the best Anti-Rafa picture he could. He tried to tell us that Rafa’s net spend (to date) was c.£15m per annum. In doing so he, again using club accounts, included the acquisitions of Aquilani and Kyrgiakos. These are shown in the accounts as post balance sheet events.

Also in the post balance sheet events were the sales of several players including Alonso. This reduced Rafa’s net spend down to £4.7m per annum. Mr. Right does not recognise this figure as correct (despite the figures coming from the club’s  official accounts) and now ignores the post balance sheet events, which would bring Rafa’s spending up to date.

Mr. Right Balls Up Rating: *****


Mr. Right says “The £40m interest burden lies with H+G’s holding company, Kop Football (Holdings) Ltd. It does NOT lie with the Club”

Right, now in fairness this is technically correct. The responsibility to pay the interest does lie with Kop Football. However, as shown above, the club is used as security for those debts and therefore can be affected by that interest. There is also the small matter of why holding companies actually came into being for football clubs. The FA’s rule 34 restricted the dividends which could be paid out by a football club. When clubs wanted to float on the stock market they got around this rule by creating a holding company. In modern football I believe most analysts / experts would recognise football clubs and their holding company as part of the same animal. Kop Football would have no reason for being without Liverpool Football Club. Given the debts are secured against the club and most would recognise them as symbiant entities, I believe it to be fair and reasonable to count Kop Football’s debts as the total debts of the club.

Mr Right Balls Up Rating: *****


Mr. Right says on the 19th May 2010 when listing Rafa’s failings “Reducing the quality of the squad from that which he inherited”. So we can assume our squad is pretty dire right?

Mr. Right says on the 3rd June 2010 when promoting O’Neill as the new manager “Liverpool does not need to rebuild; the club does not need to throw tens of millions at the problem.”

Mr. Right contradictory rating *************************************************************


Received this from a fellow Red in relation to Mr. Right. It was supplied with screenshots which won’t be put up, otherwise the ‘mystery’ surrounding who the cretin is might be uncovered!

Hi Taf,

First off all – well done for comprehensively exposing Mr. Right’s attempts at obfuscation with regards to LFC’s finances.

As I stated earlier, I used to write for Mr. Right’s website and have had first-hand experience of Mr. Right’s predilection for deleting anything that debunks the tripe he propagates. As a result, I have begun to take screen-shots of comments I make/see others making in response to his lies, in anticipation of the inevitable – that they will be removed.

Let me illustrate, with an example.

On May 15th, 2010, Mr. Right published the first in a series of articles (as I’m sure you know) in order to prove certain “facts” about LFC’s finances

In the article, he made the preposterous suggestion that the club’s accounts proved that the owners had “shaved” 11 million off of the clubs debt, reducing it from 237 million pounds in November 2009, to 226 million pounds, as evidenced in the club’s recently released accounts.

To demonstrate this, he cited an article he published in November 2009, in which he alleged that an “reliable source close to the club” had provided “accurate, up to date figures detailing the current levels of debt/interest” showing it to be 237 million pounds. (Refer to attached image.

In response, I immediately pointed out the egregious temporal fallacy that emerged from his article: The recent accounts showing the 226 million pound debt level were up to July 31st 2009, whereas his source provided the “accurate, up-to-date” number of 237 million in November 2009. Thus he had inadvertently shown that the club’s debt level had, in fact, increased by 11 million pounds between the end of July and November 2009.

Predictably, he deleted my post immediately, and proceeded to add certain stipulations to the piece, making the ridiculous suggestion that his source’s November 2009 figure may not have been current.

I responded again – twice – arguing that his November 2009 article categorically stated the figure was up-to-date.

Inevitably, he deleted my 3rd post, and edited the 2nd one, removing my phrase “You may have deleted my comment”, so that no evidence remained of my original post and responded by arguing that my assertion was “irrelevant”, in order to deflect attention away from his blatant lying.

Ultimately, he removed all references from his article about his November 2009 piece or any implication of the owners “shaving” 11 million of debt, but he still did not admit that he was wrong. If you compare the piece now to the original version, and the devious amendments are apparent.

When I pointed this inconsistency out yet again, he risibly claimed that he removed those comments because the original article was “too long” and he wanted to “shorten” it, as it was not “relevant” to the piece. He still did not concede that he had been wrong.

Obviously, this is just a microcosm of the deplorable revisionism/sophistry that he is now quite adept at. I saw how he has stringently avoided responding to your ineluctable proof that the mortgage for Kop Holdings is secured against the club. Indeed, he even claimed that he would post an article later “containing documentary evidence that the mortgage is not secured against LFCAGL”!

I see now, that he has in fact deleted that comment, because he knows that no such evidence exists. Fortunately, however, I took a screenshot of that as well.

This all may seem rather petty, but I am sick of Mr. Right attempting to depict his infandous drivel as objective, reasoned debate. That is patently NOT the case. Under the guise of providing “critical realism”, he is in fact disseminating what can only be described as arrant, specious nonsense.

I hope you find what I shared with you useful.


Mr. Right says “SOS-led Liverpool ‘fans’ burning the US flag outside Anfield”

Urm… this demonstration was not organised in any way by Spirit of Shankly. I’m sure there were SOS members there, but I also saw some ‘older’ people – shall we lay the blame at Saga’s door then?

MR. Right balls up rating: *****



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